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New Start. - Chronicles of a Teenage Werewolf, Dieting Massacree in Three Part Harmony. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New Start. [Aug. 1st, 2007|12:13 pm]
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So I'm giving this fucker another try. I'm not posting at all, and I don't think I'll be doing much friends only stuff. So, a new start.
Well, in the middle of July I started the NutriSystems (NS) diet. It's the one that advertises on television, with the hot "grandma" who loves the way she looks...or something. Dad had been on the diet for about a month or two, and when Mom had suggested that I try the diet, a few months back, I freaked out at her. It's quite annoying, really, how they're able to manipulate my life.

I don't care though, because I'm going to be a skinny bitch. So, I now present the Chronicles of a Teenage Werewolf Dieting Massacree in Three Part Harmony.

Reactions up until this point:
Well, it hasn't been so hard, it was just a lot of getting used to at first. Also, It's weird when I oversleep, because then I have a whole meal's worth of food that I didn't eat, but somehow end up eating by the end of the day.

As of last Sunday I weighed 176, and have lost about 9 pounds in 18 days. Pretty good, especially because I've got my period. So we'll see what happens come Sunday.

I've been sick, so I haven't been working out. Bad, I know, but I think I'll start again tomorrow. Especially because when I stop lifting weights, all the muscle freaks out and decides to go back to fat. Don't know if that's true, but it does. Bah.

Um, what else. Oh, the Diet has become harder and harder as the days go on, simply because I eat the food that I like, and all that's left is the weird food. Ate the maple syrup oatmeal today, pretty good actually. I've been eating the NS pizza about 3 times a week. Hey, I'm a teenager, and if it works, well, cool.

Also, have been stealing Dad's chocolate cookies, because all I have left are pretzels and stuff. Changed my order around so that next time all that's coming to me in the beautiful brown box is chocolate. Oh. Pretzels= never again.

Ok, well, I have to go. Parents have officially lost their minds, and I'm required to complete and submit 20 scholarships this week. 20. By the way, thats twenty. I have ten down because I'm a sexy machine. But that's all I've been doing. See, that's why the entry is all about them, because I've been stuck in the house with them. Fuckin hell.

Well, I'll be leaving the house soon enough, so I'll suck it up. OH! Also, Warped Tour is this Friday, I'm going with Leah. Should be pretty sweet, I'm looking forward to seeing Big D and the Kids Table, but most importantly, BAD RELIGION. Holy shit. I cannot believe that they're playing, and that I'm going to see them. Should be a pretty sweet pit, eh? Lots of teenage boys to rub up against dance with.

Starting weight: 186
Current weight: 176
Goal weight: 156
Thoughts: Fuck man, I can do this!

In the next entry I'll discuss plans for staying on NS while at Warped Tour and when I go tubing down the Delaware river, causally mentioning my new diet to my obnoxious gay best friend who is too opinionated for his own good, and all the pretty bikinis that I am going to wear next year (hehe).

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[User Picture]From: plasticsushi
2007-08-01 10:52 pm (UTC)
hehe you too, darlin!!
how the hell are you?!
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: plasticsushi
2007-08-02 06:31 pm (UTC)
...you're sober?
i kid. i have to catch up on your life!
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