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We Pop No Style...We're Strictly Rude... - Chronicles of a Teenage Werewolf, Dieting Massacree in Three Part Harmony. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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We Pop No Style...We're Strictly Rude... [Aug. 2nd, 2007|01:12 pm]
[song inside my head |Big D and the Kids Table- Strictly Rude LIVE on AP Live]

Ahoy, clean room!
I decided to move all of my shit around yesterday. My bed is now facing the door, desk at the window, and I have a gorgeous knitting corner with a pillow and mood lighting. No more dust, and sadly, that has rendered the floor quite slippery. Sheesh.

Letsee, Warped Tour tomorrow! I'm very very excited. Leah is sleeping over, then we're going to do Passive Train Riding and somehow get to New Jersey, the land of the Godless. I found my bubbles, and my Rosie the Riveter bag, so I'm all set.

NS food wise, I'm a bit concerned. However, I do tend to forget food when there's a mosh pit lifting me off my feet. I'm going to bring a lunch bar, a couple apples, and then drink a shitload of water. I guess we'll see what happens.

Oh, my room is so pretty! Ah, I'll take pictures and post them soon.

What else. Um, my hands are pretty gross from all the cleaning. I'm hungry...what time is it? 1:16. Shite, I have to go do 5 more scholarships. Annnd, go for a bike ride with Benjamin.

So I told him yesterday about the diet, and he said"
"Oh, well, why? You don't need it, you're beautiful," ok good so far...
"I just don't want to come home to find you like a board," ...what?

Well, that's it, more fun later.